Unisa Management Diploma

Unisa Management Diploma refers to a number of diploma qualifications offered by Unisa in South Africa. Unisa management diplomas are offered under the College of Economic and Management studies.Unisa has six prestigious colleges offering a wide range of high quality academic and vocational programmes and over 1400 academics. In addition, we have a College of Graduate Studies and a Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL).

Unisa Management Diploma Courses

Diploma in Accounting Sciences (98200)
Diploma in Marketing Management (98202)
Diploma in Public Administration and Management (98203)
Diploma in Retail Management (98204)
Diploma in Human Resource Management (98211)
Diploma in Administrative Management (98216)
Diploma in Office Management and Technology (98217)
Diploma in Tourism Management (98223)
Diploma in Banking (98224)
National Diploma: Marketing (DMARK)
National Diploma: Accounting (NDACC)
National Diploma: Administrative Management (General) (NDADG)
National Diploma: Administrative Management (Financial) (NDADM)
National Diploma: Banking (NDBNK)
National Diploma: Commercial Practice (NDCML)
National Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting (NDCOS)
National Diploma: Credit Management (NDCRM)
National Diploma: Economic Management Analysis (NDEMA)
National Diploma: Entrepreneurship (NDENT)
National Diploma: Explosives Management (NDEXP)
National Diploma: Human Resource Management (NDHRM)
National Diploma: Internal Auditing (NDINT)
National Diploma: Local Government Finance (NDLGF)
National Diploma: Logistics (NDLOG)
National Diploma: Management Services (NDMNG)
National Diploma: Management (NDMNT)
National Diploma: Office Management and Technology (NDOFM)
National Diploma: Operations Management (NDOPM)
National Diploma: Public Management (NDPUB)
National Diploma: Safety Management (NDSMN)
National Diploma: Tourism Management (NDTRM)
National Diploma: Taxation (NDTXT)

Unisa Management Diploma Admission Requirements

Most Unisa Management Diplomas offered will require a National Senior Certificate (Diploma endorsement) with an achievement rating of 4 (50 - 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching, and either Mathematics with a rating of 3 (40 - 49%) or better, or Mathematics Literacy with a rating of 5 (60 - 69%) or better. A student who does not qualify for admission to diploma studies in terms of the above requirements may apply for admission to a higher certificate in Accounting Science. Students with a Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences will also be admitted to this qualification.

Other Unisa Diploma Courses

Unisa Law Diploma

Human Resources Diploma

Retail Management Diploma

Marketing Diploma

Project Management Diploma

Management Diplomas

Unisa IT Diploma